Wellness Breakthrough Session

Experience a Wellness Breakthrough Session with Lorna Sophocleous, Wellness At Any Age Coach

In this 30-minute telephone or in-person session, I will support you to:

~ Discover how your everyday food and lifestyle choices affect your aches
and pains, your health, business, energy and overall happiness.

~ Uncover which patterns are fueling your life’s goals and those which
are sabotaging them and what to do about it

~ Outline a personalized action plan that honors your life now and will help
you master your weight, nutrition, and aging concerns with confidence

Imagine what your life would be like if you went from being tired all the time to increased energy, dull to glowing skin, mental fog to clarity. That’s how I used to feel and I know you can be inspired to uplevel your way of being with a customized program just for you.

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