Weight Loss Resistance and What You Can Do About It


Hi Beautiful,

I want to give you an inside view as to what’s going on in my coaching and Pilates practice these days.

Most of my ladies are frustrated because they’re unable to budge the scale! They’re putting in the efforts of what ‘used to work’ for them, that is no longer working. The scale is staying the same or even going up!

It feels like weight loss resistance is all around me these days, especially since I have done the Master class a couple of weeks ago. I’m thrilled to know because it allows me to educate you on your real life issues.

So what’s really going on with that?

Ladies, when you think of weight loss in today’s day and age, you have to realize losing weight has evolved way past calorie counting.

Trying to get through grueling workouts and going to extremes as I spent a lot of time explaining in my Masterclass, does not work and, further sets you up for rebounding.

One piece of the puzzle that needs to be incorporated in today’s approach towards losing weight is stress management. I’m sure it’s probably not one of those things in your bag of tricks that ‘you used to do that worked’ to help you lose weight.

I am referring to stress from toxic, processed foods, over-exercising, how you manage your stress and emotions, an imbalance of hormones and toxins found in your everyday personal care and household products.

It’s a new world we live in and we have to do things differently and what I am offering here for you today is a simple way to manage this which starts with managing YOU.

You can help yourself by starting to meditate. I can tell you from personal experience and all the things I have tried, there’s nothing more powerful than USING YOUR MIND and calming the inner chemistry that’s going on inside of you, spewing the hormones which are working against your efforts.

I do not think your desired outcome of permanent weight loss will be achieved without bringing in the healing process of your emotional stresses.


1. Relieve and respond to stress in a more productive way which in turn will reduce the stress hormones that have your body holding onto excess weight.

2. Lower your heart rate and breathing.

3. Calm your central nervous system taking you out of ‘fight or flight.’

4. Enjoy rejuvenating sleep because poor sleep will upset the hormone leptin, exacerbating weight loss efforts.

5. Reduce inflammation in your gut which improves digestion, another area most women are dealing with.

6. Cultivate positive feelings of body image, confidence love and acceptance.

You can go and google right now the benefits of meditation and find the compelling research that substantiates what I am offering you today. This really will affect all areas of your life, not only weight loss.

That is why meditation is incorporated into both mainstream and alternative health practices worldwide.

Now, don’t tell yourself the same old, “I have no time!” because even starting with a minute can help you. There are many phone apps you can use.

I like GPS for the Soul because it measures your HRV with the camera on your iPhone – HRV is Heart Rate Variability, a measure of the time between each heart beat and an indicator of resilience. The app utilizes Heart Math technology, which is proven to reset cortisol and DHEA. Type GPS4Soul into the search bar in your app store on your smartphone.

You can google in youtube as well and get tons of meditations. Here’s one, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5cQMq1g5sU It’s a chakra meditation which I love! I really like ‘OM’ meditations as well, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBiwLibZqfw OM is considered the seed sound for creation and energy flow. It’s considered the most sacred mantra.

Once you start, you will find which ones resonate and don’t worry if at first your mind starts to wander. That’s pretty typical and gets better with time. You will become so connected to yourself in the ways that really count-what you really desire, what you really need, know what are your non-negotiables, what makes you tick and more. You are more in tune with you and that ‘knowing’ becomes easy to connect with to guide you and give answers that trying to think about just won’t.

When we work towards something, we do want to see the rewards, instantaneously!. Be patient. Don’t get discouraged. Like anything else, it’s a process that allows for growth so don’t discount that part of the journey.

I also wanted to give you a link to a great recipe with Soba Noodles. You will use buckwheat noodles. Note-not all buckwheat noodles are created equal! Check that it doesn’t have wheat and is gluten free if you’re trying to stay gluten free which is what I prefer. Here’s the link, http://restlesspalate.com/asian-soba-noodles-purple-cabbage/

To your Light and Luxurious woman,

P.S.-Do you eat lots of processed foods, GMOs, use personal care products that have chemicals, drink out of plastics and more? This could be one piece of the pie you have not unraveled yet playing a huge role towards your weight loss success.

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