I connected with Lorna at a time in my life when I realized my aches and joints were due to a lack of flexibility training and inflammation from foods. We work at the same gym in Glen Cove and you don’t have to ask anyone, it is well known in the entire gym that if you have these issues, you go to Lorna.

Lorna’s extensive knowledge, professionalism and varied approaches has helped to improve the quality of my life and I will forever be grateful. I feel better than I have in quite some time and have integrated what I have learned from Lorna to my own clients.

Dave Honig
Personal Trainer & CEO of Extreem Fitness
“Personal Trainer to the Stars”

I reached out to Lorna when I was having some knee issues and she was highly recommended for Pilates from my friends at the gym. My core was weak and sometimes the pain in my knee was preventing me from working out. Within 2 weeks, the symmetry of my body (as I have scoliosis) felt much more in sync. She worked a lot on the alignment of my knees as well and the pain was gone! She is a wealth of knowledge and she was guiding my nutrition choices which also helped my aches and pains. Her encouragement, passion and knowledge is impressive and she’s a whole lot of fun to work with!

Nicole Paris Suozzi
Licensed Associate RE Broker

With Lorna’s help, I now live a life that is free of pain, free of medication and I look 10 years younger!

After a very stressful and emotional move back to the United States, it was no wonder that over the course of a year I gained a significant amount of weight and, more importantly, my blood pressure was higher than was healthy. At this point, my doctor put me on blood pressure medication, instead of looking at the causes of why my numbers were high. At this point, I knew I had to lose weight, exercise smarter and, more importantly, eat better.

When I met Lorna, I sincerely feel that I was meant to meet up with her again – the stars were aligned! We discussed my concerns, fears, hopes and commitment level and in only six weeks I had lost weight, but more importantly, I decreased my blood pressure so that I could eventually be taken off medication. I have never been so thrilled.

I feel radically better in my health and well-being. Coupled with taking one-on-one Pilates instruction with Lorna and following her nutrition plan, I have changed the course of what could have been a disastrous road. This is not a miracle (well, it is kind of), but more of a “no brainer diet”. This is life changing. If you open your heart and mind to eating right and really understanding the way your body either rejects or accepts food, it will liberate you.

I am not exaggerating the fact that four months ago I could barely walk upon waking. Getting out of bed and placing my feet down on the floor – the pain was at times unbearable. Since combining Lorna’s Pilates (which is better than any strength-training class I have ever taken) and eating more natural, organic anti-inflammatory foods and spices that Lorna taught me into my daily diet, I no longer suffer from the intense pain from heel spurs and shoulder pains. I whole-heartedly believe that I could not have accomplished this pain-free life without Lorna’s help.
Is this easy? No. But it works. I look younger. I feel younger. My skin glows. My blood pressure is down. More importantly – the aches and pains – what we now know and is rampant throughout our population as inflammation – is gone!!!! What could be better than that? To live a life, free of pain, free of medication and looking 10 years younger is the reward. Oh! And your digestion will improve ten-fold.

Mary Wilhelm
Locust Valley, NY

Today, I no longer feel old! (I’m not old, but I used to feel that way!) I feel energetic, positive and confident about my life!

I was in the process of trying to lose weight and eat healthier and I hit a wall. After losing 25 pounds on my own, I simply couldn’t lose any more weight. It wasn’t until I found Lorna that I discovered that there is a lot more to weight loss then just putting the right foods into my mouth.

The biggest challenge I faced was understanding how emotions and stress were preventing me from moving forward and were causing me to hold onto unwanted pounds. And while I was working out regularly, it wasn’t until I started taking Lorna’s Pilates and combining it with her nutrition advice, did I start to see results FAST.

Lorna’s Pilates worked for me too because she was always fully engaged with me and constantly noticing where my head is at and how to encourage me to get the right attitude to have the results I want. I always leave Pilates in a better state of mind. Even if I came into the session in a good place, I leave with an improved attitude. Love that!

Today, I no longer feel old! (I’m not old, but I felt old before starting Lorna’s Pilates and nutrition coaching). I feel energetic, and positive. MY love for myself has increased with each and every session. I feel younger, more positive and I love myself more and deeper than I ever have before in my life. I actually like how I look, how I feel. I have increased and energy for life.

E. Van Bladel

My Pilates instructor recommended Lorna as someone who might help me with nutrition and weight loss. I have been picking up weight slowly but steadily since my son was born 14 years ago. An exciting but stressful career fueled the problem and by the time I started working with Lorna I was 25-30 lbs. overweight and was not sleeping well at all. I believed I was eating healthily. I had tried various diet plans but it was always a temporary fix. I was sick and frustrated.

With Lorna’s combination of education, suggestions and support, I have fundamentally changed my diet, without feeling deprived. My sleep improved dramatically within the first week of working with her. The pounds are melting away slowly but steadily. I feel so much better and healthier in general.

I was impressed (which takes a lot for me!) with her powerful 7-Step Signature System as I usually would get confused with the overload of information out there. The system helped me master the exact actions steps needed to accomplish what I was working on.

I enthusiastically recommend Lorna and her Wellness At Any Age program.

Ann G.
Attorney at Law

Lorna, I can’t thank you enough! I am taking baby steps as per your suggestion and that is helping me learn and implement the gems you have shared in my everyday life. I went to Whole Foods and bought everything you suggested and in less than a week I am down 2.4 lbs after the doctor’s told me I have sluggish thyroid and at 74 would not be able to lose weight!

Thanks again!