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My Gorgeous Friend,

The excitement is building about my upcoming Masterclass presentation, “How to Lose the First 10 lbs The Light and Luxurious Way (Without Deprivation and Going to Extremes) on Facebook, and WOW did it heat up my page!

I’m thrilled to see how many of you resonate with “The Light and LuxuriousWoman” and I know this Masterclass will really resonate.  Did you see the post? I hope we are connected on FB as I don’t want you to miss a thing!

It’s also proven through research that when we do things together and have community, we have more power.  I read that one person who stopped smoking could affect people at 4 degrees of separation. When you do something good for yourself, it’s noticed by others and people talk about it.  The study was on smoking but this can apply to the topic at hand here, which is weight loss.

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Here’s a portion of my post yesterday:


I was on the verge of a divorce, I hated my body, I was stress-eating, dressing in layers and avoided selfies, travel, social outings with girlfriends and the things that really light me up.
Something had to give. I couldn’t go on like this.
I knew there was a better way to live, to eat, to lose the weight, and to live an incredible life even if that meant starting over at 54 years old.What I wanted to highlight here is that you have your own unique version of your weight loss story and your life but the saying “What is most universal is personal,” and our deepest and innermost thoughts and feelings are shared.I am sure there are pieces in my story that will speak to you because you have gone through the same thing and what we can take away from that is: If I can turn this around, so can you.I bet you have gone to extreme measures and deprivation, telling yourself it was okay to walk around miserable and hungry all the time and eat within the constraints of the diet you were following.

I will also say that many times when we are making efforts towards losing weight, we are not paying attention to or aware of what we cannot see that’s going on inside our bodies – things that could be negatively impacting those very efforts – such as the stress of being hungry!  

Our internal chemistry starts pumping hormones, hurting the very thing we say we want most: to lose weight.

We all have done it but when you know better, you do better – and that is why I can’t wait to go into detail about this in my Masterclass on Tuesday, August 30 at 2 pm Eastern. 

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I hope to see you there!

To your light and luxurious weight loss!

P.S.  If you would like to take action because you have been really stressing that you have perhaps partied too much this summer, type in your browser, and set up a “Light and Luxurious Woman” Discovery Session.We can discuss what it is you might not be seeing so that you can cultivate some forward movement toward your success.

I look forward to it!

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