Let’s Talk Gas, Bloating and Constipation!

Dear Gorgeous,

It’s sad to say but I never get a client who does not have digestive issues!  What’s going on in there?

I am not talking about anything serious but it could progress to something more serious.

Digestion is at the root of all health.  It’s the foundation of your health, as when it’s not functioning optimally, absorption and assimilation of nutrients are compromised.

So it behooves you to not dismiss the gas, constipation, diarrhea, acid-reflux, and abdominal pain as ‘normal.’

I have had my share for sure and it’s not fun!  I also have been quite successful at turning it around and when it does, in some case cases, it can turn around certain other problems and symptoms of disease. Yes, it’s that powerful!

One reason things start to shift – and is so incredibly common – is because after the age of 40, our stomach stops producing as much hydrochloric acid, which is needed to break down the food. This can lead to acid reflux – contrary to what Western doctors will tell you.  They will say we have TOO MUCH acid but it’s actually the opposite.

Hydrochloric acid is incredibly important because when it’s low, you won’t release pepsin, an enzyme needed for the breakdown of protein.  Hydrochloric acid kills off microbes.

Did you ever wonder how dogs can eat raw meat? They have a lot of acid killing off the bacteria in the meat.

Also, processed foods can hinder digestion, due to a lack of fiber coming from desperately needed real food such as fruits and vegetables.

Digestive distress can affect your weight loss efforts.  Your system is out of balance, making it difficult to lose weight.


1. Chew slowly! The more you chew and turn your food into small particles, almost like it was blended it in a blender, the more you increase the surface area of the food, which improves absorption. Eating fast is a stress that will have the opposite effect than you want on improving digestion.

2. Exercise! It helps moving food through the digestive process and promotes bowel movements.

3. Decrease stress! As I mentioned above, stress hurts digestion as there’s a whole cascade of chemical reactions that happen during stressful times, leading to digestive distress like irritable bowel syndrome and more. Try breathing in between bites and eat mindfully.

My favorite holistic remedy is ginger tea.

Peel and mince fresh ginger, then add to 8 oz. water and boil. Lower to medium heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain out any particles, add lemon and enjoy!

There are many ways that you can help yourself and it’s imperative you are proactive about this.

Love and light,

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Lorna Sophocleous is an internationally recognized Weight Loss Success Coach. She mentors women entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed by their weight and in need of an effective way to conquer their overeating once and for all.

A Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor, Lorna combines this body work with mindset, to give her clients a mind, body, and soul experience. And she’s found, the real benefit comes from the confidence each woman feels as she transforms her body and life. Not only in appearance, but in how she thinks and shows up differently every single day.

Her transformative work empowers women to go beyond the parameters of what they thought possible. Interested in finding out more? Email Lorna at lornawellness@gmail.com and start transforming your life today!

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