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Dear Gorgeous,

For years I’ve placed tremendous emphasis on what I put in my body – the foods I ate, the supplements I consumed – but never gave much thought to what wentON my body. I’ve often struggled with dryness, unbeknownst to me that most products were actually stripping my skin.

I was dabbling with so many products and chasing the elusive promises they offer.

All the while touting kale and kombucha and eating organic, I was allowing carcinogenic chemicals and toxic ingredients into my system through the products I was using. YUCK!

As I learned about the effects of environmental toxicity to our health, I started to clean out my cabinets and convert to cleaner personal care products and cosmetics.

“Fragrance” and “parfum” are secret toxic cocktails.   Behind these words are often dozens of ingredients linked to allergies and reproductive problems.

As I evolved into my Health Coaching practice, I got serious about finding safer products, for me and my clients.   I was shocked to find that even many of the “natural” and “organic” products I was using weren’t as safe as I thought.

Then, just over a year ago I found BEAUTYCOUNTER! HALLELUJAH!

This company has two pillars of success: SAFETY and PERFORMANCE. Their mission is simple – to get safe products into the hands of everyone. Beautycounter is leading the way for creating change through research and by banning more than 1,500 ingredients from their products.

Their products are formulated without parabens, pthalates, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, SLS, or secrets. They are luxurious and beautiful. And even better, they work!

I’ve fallen in love with this company’s integrity and mission and I’m obsessed with their skin care, body, and cosmetics lines. Long story short … after contemplating I have decided to join the team!

I’m excited to announce my new side business venture with Beautycounter: – use that link to learn more about them and browse products.

A few facts to consider:The last federal legislation regulating ingredients used in personal care products was passed in 1938!!!

85,000 ingredients are registered for use, and over 80% of ingredients used in beauty products have never been tested for safety with human health.

Even more troubling, chemicals linked to breast cancer, learning disabilities, infertility, birth defects, allergies, autoimmunity and other health issues are allowed in products we use every day.

The European Union has banned over 1,300 harmful and toxic chemicals from personal care products, and the U.S. has banned only 11!
That’s just plain crazy.

I’m committed to their mission and change.

I’d like to be a trusted resource for education and safe, luxurious products.

After you read this, take inventory-what are you slathering on your body?

Ask yourself if weight loss has become harder than it used to be and if you have allergies and it could be something in the products you are using.

Take a look at making a difference every day for you and your family. You can visit my website to learn more about our social mission and purchase products online,

You can also give me a call, email me, or connect with me on Facebook anytime to learn more.

I’m also building a team of passionate leaders who are ready to make a difference across the country. If you’d like an inspiring side (or main!) gig with a progressive, mission-based company, let’s chat!

I plan to keep you on my contact list for updates on events, product updates, and specials, but if at any time you want to be removed, simply unsubscribe using the

link below.

Throughout today, starting around 930 am Eastern, I will make a few LIVE appearances on my personal page to show you some of the products and educate you as well as answer any questions so hope to see you there!  I will also do a LIVE Facebook presentation mid-afternoon and in the evening.

If you miss it, the replays are always available for you on my personal page.

I will be honoring you if you make a purchase for over $75 with a fun gift!

Can’t wait to ‘see’ you later!

P.S. If you’re local to Long Island, New York, I’d love to have you swing by and check out the products! Send me a message and we’ll set up a time.

I’ll also be hosting an official launch party soon – so stay tuned and let me know if you’re interested in learning more.

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