Why Going to Extremes is a Recipe for Failure


Dear Beautiful Friend,

I asked a client once, “What’s the biggest challenge getting in the way of your weight loss success?”

That started a chain reaction of ah-ha’s that unveiled why she was struggling. She also realized in that moment she was exhausted from it and could not afford to struggle any longer.

She painfully expressed to me how deprivation and going to extremes was her ‘normal’ and she didn’t know better so couldn’t do better!

I think if you are here, I can safely say we all know what that’s like.  So much so, that is why I am dedicating my webinar coming August 30th to this subject.

How come we weren’t getting how this was actually a contributor to the ultimate demise of what it is we say we want and rebounding?

I gathered some stats and recent research from the Heart and Stroke Foundation and it was found that 62% of men and women who lost 5 or more pounds over the past five years failed to keep the weight off.

More than 70% of those regained ALL or even more FAT after their weight loss efforts.

The research further states that :

39% of people trying to lose weight followed plans that restricted certain foods or food groups

31% used meal replacement bars or shakes

23% used weight loss supplements or herbs

23% tried extreme fasting

Here’s the shocking final conclusion:  THEY DID NOT PROVE TO LOSE THE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF!!!

Back in the day I was told:

~To count calories

~Apply the “no pain no gain” mentality when I went to the gym

~Muster up as much willpower as you possibly can

Wow! It’s amazing what you do when you are just not in the know and feeling so desperate to do something.

Are you hanging with the beautiful like-minded women in my Facebook group yet?  I posted the following there the other day thats applicable to the subject at hand here.

*MINDSET IS KEY***How can you feel lighter and let go of excess weight, without the ancient mentality of feeling deprived and going to extremes?

That was definitely the mindset I was in every single day! It’s hard to believe looking back now as I write this how I my thoughts were ‘dark’, hiding and I was totally LOST from who I was. There was a disconnect; a disconnect from self that prevented what I truly wanted in my relationships-connection!

What I want to share about that now is that that was the lens at which I looked out to the world through. What did that look like? I felt deprived in my relationships, extreme measures at the gym, restricted myself from going out and doing the things that made me ‘light’ up like a Christmas tree!

You see-it’s pretty insidious as it infiltrates the mind and affects your mindset and really just about how you do life. Now that I have stripped away the medicating and self-sabotaging behaviors, I feel things deeper and when something is happening, I am totally facing myself in the mirror to see who I am.

THE INSIGHTFUL WOMAN IS A WOMAN IN HER POWER. That’s the difference between shoveling down whatever in the moment, and facing who I really am. I love that! And that is how “The Light and Luxurious Woman” was born! How do you relate to this?

Mark your calendars NOW for my webinar on August 30th at 2 pm called, “How to Lose the First 10 lbs. (Without Deprivation and Going to Extremes).  Details will follow.

I will expand on this profound topic and you can walk away with ah-ha’s just like my private client!

To sustainable weight loss,

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It will be 3 hours where we really dive in to diagnose what the problem is and then the baby steps needed that will get you on the right road to sustainable weight loss.
I care so much about your success and do not want you to diet again!Imagine coming to New York to meet me! That would be amazing and it doesn’t matter where you live. It just matters you desire to come and you go for your dreams.I won’t have the pricing I am offering now because I know right now a lot of people have ‘been going to extremes’ in the other direction this summer! So let’s un-do what’s going on.

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