My Webinar is Here!

My Gorgeous Friend, The excitement is building about my upcoming Masterclass presentation, “How to Lose the First 10 lbs The Light and Luxurious Way (Without Deprivation and Going to Extremes) on Facebook, and WOW did it heat up my page! I’m thrilled to see how many of you resonate with “The Light and LuxuriousWoman” and I know … [Read more…]

Why Going to Extremes is a Recipe for Failure


Dear Beautiful Friend, I asked a client once, “What’s the biggest challenge getting in the way of your weight loss success?” That started a chain reaction of ah-ha’s that unveiled why she was struggling. She also realized in that moment she was exhausted from it and could not afford to struggle any longer. She painfully expressed … [Read more…]

Half the Year is Gone!

Dear Gorgeous, When it dawned on me that we are at the mid-way point of the year already, I thought I would point it out to you in a way to check-in with yourself. I remember in years past frantically going on that dreadful, depriving  ‘diet,’ with great intentions, only to lose my enthusiasm within … [Read more…]

Join me LIVE Today! (6/30/16)

Dear Gorgeous, For years I’ve placed tremendous emphasis on what I put in my body – the foods I ate, the supplements I consumed – but never gave much thought to what wentON my body. I’ve often struggled with dryness, unbeknownst to me that most products were actually stripping my skin. I was dabbling with so … [Read more…]

Success Begets Success!

Dear Gorgeous, Yesterday I posted on Facebook, ‘Success Begets Success.’  I find this principle quite brilliant to use as a tool for your unique weight loss journey.   If right now, you are struggling with your weight, and you just don’t know what in the world to do about it, continue reading. I posted that on … [Read more…]