How is Your Body Aging?


 When I was 39 years old I started having back pain and in my early forties, knee pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. Yikes! I was so young for all of that! I was yo-yo dieting which really starts to take a toll on the body as well as eating lots of sugar which is … [Read more…]

Release Your Fad Diet Patterns!

Fad. Fad Diets Don

  Hi Beauties! Today I am inspired to talk to you about the patterns we get into when we eat emotionally.  Do you notice any familiar patterns? When I was emotionally eating, I felt like a ping pong ball swinging back and forth and telling myself I will ‘diet’ again tomorrow in hopes of getting … [Read more…]

Identify Your Desires

Красивая счастливая девушка загадывает желание.

  Hi Beauties! Are you looking to identify and manifest your desires?  The only way that’s gonna happen is if you have clarity. I know I wanted to lose weight; well, at least that’s what I was saying outwardly.  What was going on inwardly, was quite the different story. It really makes the difference between … [Read more…]

Blueberries and Self-Care

Blueberry smoothie

Hi Gorgeous! Self-care before a trip, which can be stressful, is so important as women because we are always giving to everyone else and recognizing your own needs are important on your journey to stop emotional eating and losing weight. How do I prepare for a trip?  I eat gorgeous foods, go to bed a … [Read more…]

No Depravation in Paris!

Luxe French Eating

Hi Beautiful! There was a time when traveling would put me into total deprivation.  I would try to opt out of traveling due to ‘not having anything to wear,’ fearful of putting on a bathing suit and gaining even more weight while on the vacation. Now  I cultivate luxury in my travels!  Read my newsletter … [Read more…]