My 12DAY/14DAY ANTI-AGING DETOX’ is starting on Monday (there’s still time to get in!and it has stirred up a lot of really great questions about detoxing and cravings.
I thought that would be a great topic to write about as this comes up a lot. Why do we have cravings? What is our body trying to tell us? When we think of cravings, we immediately know that cravings sabotage whatever our goals are whether they be weight loss goals, eating less sugar, etc.

One powerful way for you to understand your cravings instead of getting frustrated by them or ‘feeding’ them is to view them as part of your bodies’ extremely wise language as it’s trying to get your attention.. In other words, there’s a message to be received. Shift your mindset and ask yourself ‘What could my body be trying to tell me?’

Cravings could be viewed as part of your bodies’ ‘language.’ In other words, your body is trying to speak to you but what is it trying to say? Your body, in it’s infinite wisdom, can be communicating a nutritional deficit. Let’s take that yummy piece of chocolate or something sweet you desire for example. Is it that you “need’ it because you love it so much as it is beyond delicious OR perhaps your body needs magnesium. Maybe it’s a little of both? Many people are deficient in magnesium which is needed for so many functions including aging as it helps fight osteoporosis with Vitamin D.

A lot of people are on the other end of the spectrum when it comes to craving salt. There could be many possible reasons for craving salt, starting with low potassium or even low iodine. I can share that this actually happened to me.  I recently had my routine blood work and the doctor told me I was slightly low in iodine. I had been craving salt.

Can you see how incredibly powerful it is to be in tune with your body?

From years of yo-yo dieting and a total battle of the bulge with my body, I used to be pretty black and white; this food is “good”.  This food is “bad”. When doing so, you cannot see the wisdom of the food particularly when it is ‘bad’ as we feel so shameful and guilty after eating it, disregarding what our bodies need to function and be nourished.

We override our deepest desires and pleasures that every beautiful woman should have; indulging herself without shame and self-deprecation. Live life unlimitedly by loving yourself to the core.  ~Lorna Sophocleous~

It was only recently that i realized that my cravings were emotional cravings.  I wanted to numb the pain of having an autistic son.  Being around someone, who happened to be my son, who was struggling, had me struggling internally.  I turned to food.

Love yourself and your body, no matter what.

Like it says above in the AwesomeLifeTip, ‘All lasting change and major shifts start as a conscious choice to make a change.’ When we become conscious and mindful to our bodies deepest desires, we can indulge pleasurably without judgment and then move on.

Dr. David Perlmutter, best-selling author of ‘Grain Brain’ talks about how food is information. We are either honoring, nourishing and/or nurturing our body with the choices we make or we are depleting our body.

He further states how these choices can turn on the growth of new brain cells, a process called neurogenesis, by making specific lifestyle changes. Neurogenesis is the science of new brain cell growth. This can help us to be strong and confident as it helps us to protect our brain from dementia and Alzheimers Disease.

Another reason a person can have cravings could be their gut or what is called your microbiome. Did you know we are 10 times more bacteria cells living in your body than human cells? Yes this is a fact and why it’s so important to keep our digestive system in tip top shape. The bacteria helps us digest food, draw the nutrients out of the food and even converts certain nutrients for your body to use for energy, metabolism and hormonal health. When it’s working properly, cravings are diminished. When your gut is not being fed probiotics and what it needs to keep the proper balance, it can hurt your weight loss efforts.

Last but not least ponder:


This one’s easy! Throw everything in your high-powered blender and VOILA! you’re done!


¼ cup Natives Forest Coconut milk (I am not a fan of the coconut milk on the shelves, ask me why)
3 Tablespoons chia seeds
Vanilla stevia to taste (optional -NuNaturals is my favorite brand)
1 Tablespoon hemp seeds
2-3 Tablespoons organic cacao nibs
2-3 Tablespoons organic goji berries

TIPS: I like my chia pudding a little less thick so I might add a little more coconut milk or coconut water.  If you never used chia, it’s an excellent detoxing food as it binds to toxins assisting your body to excrete them.  I love chia pudding and have it almost everyday!  Let me know if you are trying it for the first time and what you think!

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