‘There’s nothing more devastating than a woman living an unlived life.’

It’s time to move beyond the despair and frustration of emotional eating to live a fulfilled life and stand in the powerful woman that you are. You can heal your relationship with food and not use food to soothe and cope with stress, anxiety, and sadness. You can lose weight as you boost your metabolism and keep it off!

Take your power back in this amazing, results-oriented program which includes:

  • How to shift out of the deprivation, diet mentality to the success mindset for sustainable weight loss
  • Freedom from the despair of emotional eating
  • Deepen your clarity of what you truly desire-harness the power of your mind into what you know is your deepest desires of losing weight and being in alignment with your truth
  • Develop and transform your mindset as you master you to finally eat without guilt
  • Stand in your power as a woman and feel good enough to have the body you love
  • Discover why you are blocking your success (and how perfectionism could be one of your blocks)
  • Manifestion work through visualizations, aromatherapy, wealth consciousness and more
  • Shed weight and actualize your true earning potential
  • 12-one hour sessions on the phone
  • How self-care and self-love will boost your success
  • Strategies for eating high vibe foods
  • Nutritional knowledge-nourishment for mind, body and spirit
  • Education on supplementation, essential oils & homeopathy
  • Unraveling any digestive imbalances that could be working against your weight loss efforts
  • Establishment of healthy routines and rituals that set you up for success and support your healthy lifestyle

YOUR COST – $2,500 Full Pay
3 Payments of $875
2 Payments of $1,275

Full Pay

2 Payments
of $1275

3 Payments