Do you ‘go on and off your diet’ and then feel extremely guilty and just disgusting in your body for indulging only to do it again? If that sounds like you and you would do anything to stop the cycle, this 30-day jumpstart is for you.

You can stop this cycle of turning to food to cope with stress, anxiety, sadness to eating with joy and pleasure for sustainable weight loss.  This program will help you identify how to soothe yourself and feel comforted without turning to food. You can lose weight as you boost your metabolism and keep it off!

In this program you will:

  • Become the women who is successful at weight loss
  • Stand in your power as a woman and feel good enough to have the body you want
  • Have of what it is you truly desire
  • Discover why you are blocking your success (and how perfectionism could be one of your blocks)
  • Shed weight and actualize your true earning potential
  • Freedom from the diet/deprivation mindset to create a full life of joy and love
  • A life where you are on the top of your to-do list
  • Clarification of your desires to create freedom from emotional eating and sustainable weight loss
  • How self-care and self love will boost your success
  • A nurturing relationship with food and eating where you eat food you love and it loves you back
  • 4-one hour sessions
  • Email support

TOTAL COST: $897. Pay in full or 2 payments of $460

Full Pay

2 Payments
of $460